Well the rumors were ‘almost’ true. There was a laot of buzz this week that Amelle Was about to quit Sugababes, but the truth is that its the final original member who is walking – Keisha.

Keisha Buchanan, 24, has confirmed her departure in a statement. She will be replaced by the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest singer Jade Ewen.

A statement on the band’s website read: “The current line-up of the Sugababes has disbanded. Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah will continue as the Sugababes and will be joined by new member Jade Ewen.

keishaThey release their album Sweet 7 on November 23 through Island Records. Keisha Buchanan will continue to record for Island Records as a solo artist.”

The group have recently been the subject of media speculation after Amelle Berrabah reportedly went missing two weeks ago. Buchanan defended herself against reports she was the troublemaker of the band.

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Amelle Berrabah has reportedly left the Sugababes. The all-girl trio have topped the charts six times but have been dogged by rumours of in-fighting.

If these reports turn out to be true, Amelle will become the third person to have left the band over the years, following in the footsteps of Siobhan Donaghy in 2001 and Mutya Buena in 2005.

Keisha Buchanan is the only member of the original line-up still left in the band and the girls have been quick to silence talk of disagreements between her and Amelle following the latter’s solo chart success with Tinchy Stryder.

According to a celebrity website, Amelle will be replaced by former UK Eurovision entrant Jade Ewen.

The Sugababes’ spokeswoman would not comment on reports about the personnel changes in the band.

amelle02Sugababes have released 2 studio albums since Amelle Joined. ‘Change‘ – which featured the hit singles ‘About you now‘, ‘Change‘ and Denial.

The second album was  ‘Catfights & Spotlights‘ which contained the singles ‘Girls‘ and ‘No can do’.

The thrid album ‘Sweet 7‘ is due for release in november 2009 which features the single ‘Get sexy‘.

Amelle was embroiled in controversy earlier in the year when her boyfriend was attacked with a machette and almost had his arm severed.

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Over at myspace a message was recently posted from the sugababes official page that says the following;

Heidi and Amelle are suffering with a severe bout of flu. They’ve been instructed to take at least a week off before a reassessment and so will unfortunately be out of action for at least the next 7 days.

If you’d like to leave a message for the girls below, we’ll make sure it’s passed on to them.

Lets hope its not Swine flu, considering the country is currently in a pandemic!

Amelle-Berrabah01Sugababes have been playing various festivals this summer including headlining Ponty’s Big Weekend festival in Wales and have recently returned from The States where they have been recording their 7th album after signing with Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella label and say they loved the chance to work with singers and producers including Ne-Yo, Stargate and RedOne.

Singer Keisha Buchanan said: “I think it’s given us a fresh energy again. I think the one thing we wanted to do was come back with something different. With each album we’ve always worked with a new producer and come out with a single which is so standout from the rest of the album.

“I think with their energy coming in, it’s definitely given us some life. It’s definitely got the British feel throughout the album – we’ve not gone away and gone ‘All American’ on our fans.”

Her bandmate Heidi Range added: “We had a fantastic time and worked with some of the biggest producers in the world at the moment. It was a really exciting process for us.”

The group have experienced several line-up changes before arriving at current formation of Keisha, Heidi and Amelle Berrabah but despite the upheaval, Keisha – the only remaining founder member – insists they have no plans to call it a day.

She added to BBC Newsbeat: “We’ll keep going just as long as we’re happy. I think the moment when we’re not really enjoying it anymore we’ll probably call it a day. ”
The current line up have released, Change, Catfights & Spotlights as well as the ‘Overloaded‘ Greatest Hits CD and DVD

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