In conjunction with the release of the new Japanese film Amalfi Sarah Brightman will be releasing a new album titled ‘Amalfi – Sarah Brightman Love Songs’.

With tracks selected by Sarah, this album will contain brand new photos/artwork and will be released on July 8 in Japan.

Track list:

1. Time to Say Goodbye (solo version) – Classics
2. La Wally – Classics
3. Il Mio Cuore Va – Eden, Diva
4. O Mio Babbino Caro – Classics
5. Anytime, Anywhere – Eden
6. Attesa – Symphony
7. Lascia Ch’io Pianga – Eden, Classics
8. Nella Fantasia – Eden, Diva
9. La Luna – La Luna
10. Solo Con Te – La Luna
11. Ave Maria (Schubert) – Classics
12. Until The End Of Time – Harem
13. Storia D.Amore – Symphony
14. Jesu, Joy Of Man.s Desiring – A Winter Symphony
15. La Califfa – La Luna
16. Serenade – La Luna
17. How Fair This Place – La Luna
18. Amazing Grace – A Winter Symphony
19. Nessun Dorma – Eden

The movie, Amalfi, features an appearance and performance by Sarah, and is a special production marking Fuji Television’s 50th anniversary. The first Japanese movie to be shot entirely on location in Italy, Amalfi is scheduled for release in Japan in July.



I’m currently going through a Raquel Welch phase after watching 1 Million Years BC on the TV a few weeks ago. One of the more bizarre films I’ve watched with her in to date has to be ‘Myra Breckinridge’.

The film is odd in the way only a real 60’s movie can be odd, and the subject matter is not something you would expect. Adapted from the Gore Vidal novel of the same name, in which a gay man, Myron Breckinridge (Rex Reed), undergoes a sex-change operation before setting of – as Myra Breckinridge – on a mission to Hollywood to “destroy the American male in all its particulars”.

The film is notorious for the scene in which Raquel Welch rapes a handsome young actor with a strap-on. The film was even branded pornographic over this scene (which isnt graphic at all).

myraFull plot synopsis:

The story begins soon after the homosexual film critic Myron Breckinridge has a sex-change operation. As Myra, she moves from New York to Hollywood so she can immerse herself in the industry, con her uncle Buck Loner out of half a million dollars and symbolically destroy the American male.

Myra calls on Buck, a former B-film cowboy star, and tells him that she is the widow of his late nephew Myron. She’s there, she says, to collect on Myron’s share of the property on which Buck’s acting academy is built (which had passed on to Myron on his mother’s death).

Buck is appropriately suspicious (“I never knew that Myron had an eye for feminine pulchritude”) and says he’ll have his lawyers look into it. To occupy Myra until things are resolved, he offers her a job teaching posture and empathy, which she gladly accepts.

Next Myra identifies the dim-witted Rusty Godowsky, a strapping young former football player in her posture class, as her sacrificial bull. Rusty is an easy target, for he has a posture problem worthy of Myra’s “special attention,” as well as a highly leveragable criminal record.

In the posture class with Rusty is his beautiful blonde girl friend, Mary Ann Pringle. Myra initially views her as an annoying air head, noteworthy only because of her association with Rusty. In time, however, much to her own surprise, Myra becomes quite smitten with her.

myra1Enter Letitia Van Allen, a hard-as-nails talent agent with a bed in her office. When Letitia comes to the academy one day to see Buck, Myra introduces herself and makes quite an impression. The two women — who each in her own way uses men as men typically use women — become fast friends.

Myra notices that Mary Ann has a beautiful singing voice and persuades Letitia to talk with her. During their conversation, Mary Ann mentions Rusty and shows a picture of him to Letitia. Taken with Rusty’s good looks, Letitia sees her own opportunity with Rusty and invites the young couple to a party at her house.

Meanwhile, Myra’s plot to destroy Rusty is working quite nicely. In addition to picking on him during virtually every class session, she makes substantial progress during a private session in her office. Then she goes in for the kill with the climactic after-hours dildo rape in the school’s infirmary.


The tortured Rusty takes out his anger toward Myra on poor Mary Ann, who is hurt, and the horny Letitia, who is delighted with his new rough love-making (he had always been very gentle with Mary Ann). Ironically, Mary Ann turns to Myra for support, and Rusty, who can’t stand the fact that Mary Ann is with Myra, stays with Letitia.

Myra is shocked with the progression of her feelings toward Mary Ann. From initial indiscretions meant largely to further insult Rusty’s manhood, Myra proceeds to all out love for the beautiful girl. Mary Ann at first resists completely but in time warms to the idea.

Myra’s feud with Buck over his property reaches a crescendo when she tells him that she is Myron Breckinridge. To prove it, she lifts her skirt and shows him the scars from her sex-change operation. After nearly falling out of his chair, Buck caves in and gives the money to Myra.

Next Myra is seriously injured in a hit-and-run car accident (Buck? Rusty?) and hospitalized for several days. In addition to physical injury, the wreck causes a hormone imbalance, and, suddenly, Myra’s growing a beard and assuming other male characteristics.

myraexposedMyra’s terrified of what Mary Ann will think. Oddly enough, when Mary Ann realizes that Myra was, in fact, a man, all her reservations about truly falling in love with him evaporate. They marry and live happily ever after.

The special Edition is availible from Amazon and features an interesting commentry with Raquel Welch about the production and various backstage arguments.

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The current Hollywood trend of producing re-makes has brought some truly awful moments in cinema (see Death Race as an example) however some movies – even in the super hero genre , have been half decent – see ‘The Dark Knight’.

Hot on the heels of major disappointment ‘Watchmen’ will be ‘Red Sonja’.
This movie is based on Marvel’s comic book heroine and stars Rose McGowan as the red haired Barbarian. Its produced by Robert Rodriguez – unfortunately not directed by him, but by the director of ‘Highlander: Endgame’ Douglas Aarniokoski.

For those that don’t know there was a movie of Red Sonja produced in 1985 which starred Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen in the lead along side Arnold Schwarzenegger – this was a typical 80s flick along the lines of Schwarzenegger’s Conan performances.

The plot for the ‘new’ movies is as follows;

In her return we find Red Sonja, a young girl risen from the ashes of tragedy to become the most feared woman warrior of all time. The mythical red-head blindly seeks vengeance on those who destroyed her family. In her path of destruction she discovers a larger purpose for her unearthly powers: to save all Hyrkania from the villainous Kulan Gath.

rose-mcgowan-bathRodriguez and McGowan were going to re-make 60’s Classic Barbarella but the project was cancelled. According to an unnamed source for The New York Observer, “It’s sort of embarrassing for everyone involved. … No one thinks Rose can carry the movie, but Robert won’t listen.” The paper adds that producer Dino De Laurentiis “wants to back Robert and his vision. But Robert’s vision is blurred by Rose.” The studio reportedly wants a bigger name star such as Halle Berry or Jessica Alba.

Rodriguez disputes this claim, saying they were “blown over” by McGowan’s audition and citing the project’s ballooning budget as the reason for Universal’s pullout. “Universal had initially signed on for $60 million,” Rodriguez explained, “but then when we were done with the script it wound up at closer to $82 million, and they had just financed a Will Ferrell movie [Land of the Lost] that was a $130 million and they even cut that down to $100 million.”

McGowan of course starred in both Rodriquez and Tarantino’s  Grindhouse movies.

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